Erhard was recommended to me by a friend. Now I highly recommend Erhard to anyone who is in need of orthotics or shoe repair. The service is always friendly and reasonable priced.

- Johanna H. – recommend for orthotics

Let me start with the “Bottom line”… if you have been wearing orthopedics that are not comfortable OR have a heck of a time finding a shoe that truly fits, take the time to have a conversation with Erhard. For me… BEST Service & Education EVER! Seriously… after a very thorough foot/walking/weight bearing exams I’ve ever had. I now have a great pair of orthopedics that fit in MULTIPLE shoes!!!

Born with flat feet that compete with a ducks… and then pronating for 48 years…reconstructive foot surgery was the final result. Surgery was the right solution and now I’ve found someone with the knowledge and skills to accommodate my individual needs – each foot!

What really knocks Erhard’s Orthopedics Ltd. out of the park is that he can modify other shoes so they work for me as well. For example, I need to wear Birkenstocks as my ‘house shoes’… Erhard added a rocker sole, adjusted left & right for my leg length differences and took contoured the front sole to accommodate the fusion in my left foot. They are now so comfortable, I’m wearing them everywhere and may have to get another ‘house pair’.

Cheers! to Erhard and his staff for taking the time, sharing their knowledge. They are worth the 2hour trip! Every time!

- Janice O. – worth the 2 hrs drive every time