Shoe Repair Service

Our Shoe Repair Service includes , but is not limited to the below::

Heels &Soles     


Zippers  – in Boots and Shoes and sometimes Purses


Velcro Replacement 

Heel and Sock-liners

Calf Reductions or Extensions on Boots

Stretching of Shoes and Boots

Shortening of Purse Straps

Patches on Motorcycle Clothes

Belts: Shortening & Holes

How we do things:

Bring your shoes to us into the store, if you have a question regarding any shoe repair. We can answer questions about prices and if something may or may not be worth repairing after we see the shoes.  

Please do not call for shoe repair and try to explain the shoe repair you would like to have done. We HAVE TO SEE the shoe before telling you anything. We can’t see through the phone line 😉

Sorry, but without seeing the shoe we can not know, what we may need to do to it in order to get it repaired properly.

Average time for your repair will be a few days – usually less than a week, depending of our workload. We call you, when repairs are done- so make sure to give us a number where you can be reached or where there is an answering machine to take a message. Please do not call within the first week after you bring in stuff. We may not have gotten to things and constant calling will just slow things down. Please bring your repair ticket for pick up and have the ticket number ready, if you call.

All quotes are approximate estimates, but feel free to express a maximum you’d like to spend on every the repair.  We try to call you should there be a problem which we did not notice right away before we started working on the shoe in question.

We no longer repair soles on Cowboy boots, which need this specialty welt stitching typical to Cowboy boots.The simple reason – shoe repair is not our main business, but a side line customer service. The amount of these specially stitched soles, does not justify the purchase of a new machine at this time.

We do not offer while you wait service.

Shoes must be clean, dry and can not be full of shoe cream or greasy. We do not accept dirty or greasy shoes as this would harm other shoes we do have for repair. We have no time to clean your shoes and it is certainly not our job either.