Orthotics – custom made for you

 We manufacture our orthotics on site

Orthotics custom made to your needs – for work, sports and everyday use

The Process – so you know what to expect :


  • Call us to make an appointment for a consultation to examine your feet –  The appointment usually takes about 20-30 minutes. You may bring a prescription from your doctor, but we do not need it. If you think you need custom made orthopedic shoes or braces, please let us know, as these appointments need more time.
  • During the consultation –  Erhard will discuss your issues with you and may have a look at your shoes
  • We will take foot prints of your feet – non messy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         101_0480100_0804They give us a 3-D impression and the pressure points locations
  • A manual exam of your feet is done by Erhard to examine flexibility and restrictions in movement, check for sore spots…
  • Erhard will give you options and let’s you know the best course of action for your foot problems.                                                                                                                                         
  • Now you decide whether you’d like to go ahead with the recommended treatment or if you would like to think about it.
  1. If you like to think about it, no problem – a consultation fee will be charged at this time.                                                                                                If your plan of action includes orthotics, this fee is usually included in our price. Which means should you decide to go ahead with new orthotics within the next 3 weeks after the initial consultation the price of the already paid consultation will be deducted from the price. This provided, and no further consultation is needed due to a change in health.
  2. If you decide to go ahead with treatment a downpayment is required at this time with the balance due when the orthotics are finished.
  3. If you would like to wear the orthotics in a specific sandal or shoe, this is the time to discuss the colour for the cover of the orthotic and to show Erhard in which shoes you mainly wear them later.
  • To manufacture your orthotics may take up to 2-3 weeks. We will call you to book your appointment for pick up. orthotics made over a mold
  • Bring your shoes (maximum 3 pairs), when you come in for your scheduled pick up, please. We’d like to make sure the orthotics fit your shoes as well as your feet. If sandals and shoes will be worn with the same pair of orthotics, we will fit them into the sandals first (for optical reasons).
  • Please note that there maybe an adjustment period for you in order to get used to your new orthotics. Usually this goes quickly, some people are fine with them right away – others need a few days to get used to them and gradually increase the time they wear them. If you are still not comfortable after 2 weeks, please make an appointment. Orthotics should NEVER be painful, so if you experience pain, take them out of your shoes and book your appointment.

Adjustments are at no further costs for a limited time (3 month)


  • If you are happy  with our service –   a comment on Facebook would be greatly appreciated.
  • If you are unhappy for whatever reason, please talk to us first and let us help you.

Frequently asked question:

How long will your orthotics last?   This depends on how much you walk and use them. Just the same as with shoes some people are harder on them than others. Most people will get several years out of their orthotics. Cushion materials may need replacement earlier as the cushion effect reduces over time. This is influenced by sweat, dirt, constant moisture…   If the base is still usable, we just replace the top layers and keep the base.

How to take care of the orthotic?    Moisten the orthotics from top and bottom with a little bit of running lukewarm water.  Take your finger brush-moisten it and put a bit of mild hand                                                                 soap on the brush. Gently massage the top/ bottom layer and rinse off. Try to keep cushion layers fairly dry as it prolongs the drying time.

                                                            NEVER DRY with force or near a heat source, but let the orthotic dry at room temperature  

What about maintenance?   For hygienic reasons it is recommended to have your orthotics recovered once a year.

Which documentation do I get:

We provide you with

  1. The invoice/ receipt (including consultation & pick up date & materials used and a description of the method used for the imprints.) For tax/ insurance purposes.

2. The bio mechanical assessment. ( for your insurance)

3. A care sheet which explains how to take care of your orthotics.

We can not be responsible for your insurance behavior, but put in all required documentations at once and if you are in doubt ask for pre-aproval.